How Bedroom Design Impacts Your Child’s Well-Being

Interior design is about more than just showing off your flair for design or who you are as a person. It is proven that the design, layout and color of your rooms can have a direct impact on your mood, wellbeing and mental health.

And at no time is this impact more crucial than during your child’s developmental years. Below are a few of the ways that the way you design your child’s bedroom can directly affect their well-being.


The human mind responds differently to different colors. It can do everything from heightening your senses to instilling a deep sense of calm. It is a proven tactic to utilize color to achieve moods in people around you. And this extends to interior design. If you are hoping to achieve a certain mood for a room, consider what color.

This extends to children even more. As they develop their minds are constantly intaking stimuli and letting it affect them. To that end, you want to look for some calmer, more encouraging colors. Baby blues, soft greens, light yellows. These colors tend to have very positive, calming effects on people, especially young minds. Avoid harsh, glaring colors such as blood reds, deep blacks and other aggressive colors.

If you want your bedroom painted there are many options available to you. DIY or get in a professional.


A cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind. And children are key culprits for leaving a trail of mess. Everything from toys to the unseemly messes, they can be a pain to deal with.

But beyond that, the layout of furniture has a direct impact on their mind as well. A room that is stuffed to the brim with furniture, without space to move, will cause a lot of tension in a person and distract them. This will amplify in children. Children love space, space to play in and space to grow. So making sure any rooms in your house are economically spaced with directly improve their mood and allow them a lot of room to play in.

Clutter is another factor that needs to be dealt with. Mess, beyond being unsanitary, will cloud their mind and instil bad habits within them. Children copy the behavior they see as they grow, so keeping a tidy home will instil good habits in them from a young age.


Decoration is important. What you decorate with shows who you are as a person and what you are all about. And it directly affects the mood of those who see it, especially your children.

Children love to examine the world around them, so your decorations should be something stimulating and nice for them to look at. Nice art pieces, personal photographs, themed wallpapers and novelty statues are all great examples. Things to avoid could be scary posters, disturbing statues or anything that might unnerve of make them afraid.

It is also a great idea to decorate around your child. Take the things they are interested in and find things to match that. Cowboys, Dinosaurs, Aliens. Give them something to be excited about.

Why Structured Block Play Like Lego is Good for Your Kids

Encouraging your kid to play with structured blocks like Lego can have a positive affect on their brain development. There are two very separate ways of playing with Lego by following the instructions or by letting your creative juices flow and going free with their Lego building. This allows for two very separate ladders of development.

An example of a Lego build that will allow your child to follow the instructions can be found on which has hundreds of separate Lego sets. When your child follows the Lego instructions it will build their engineering skills. This is as they will learn the process of construction and begin to understand what makes a stable building. The construction of smaller Lego buildings will help your child understand larger buildings like bridges or skyscrapers as they get older. Your child’s skill in understanding will also improve when they choose to follow the Lego instructions. It could be said that as Lego improves their understanding of the world and complex ideas, it will help foster and give them a more mature outlook on the world.

Meanwhile, if you allow your child to let their creative juices flow and build at their own accord; they will develop a self-independent idea of construction. The idea of Lego is that nothing is impossible and that anything can be made. There is no correct or wrong answer in Lego, so your child will feel the freedom to truly explore their minds. This will have an extremely positive affect on your kids’ self-confidence. As they start to have more trust in their own abilities.

The idea that Lego can actually not only improve your kids engineering skills and maturity through instructions, but also their self-independence and self-confidence; then the purchase of Lego must be a no-brainer.