Our Staff

We are so thankful to our staff who do not mind money yet devote their time with us to help us reach our dreams. Most of our staff are volunteers who contribute their time and little of their talents too. People who have a keen interest in creating educational material for children sign up to work with us. We have so many such illustrators/writers of children’s books and comics who help us in getting quality presentations/stories to be taught to the children.  

Besides, we have numerous staff who are strong at playing instruments. They help in teaching the children through songs and encourage the children to build up their confidence by expressing their musical talents. The children love these fun and entertainment activities and keep coming to us because of the teachers. We have a lot of educators and psychologists who help in understanding the children and motivating them to learn properly. Various fun teachers love just spending their time with children. Want to know how our magazines are published? We have eminent writers and painters who have their reputed published works. These people help us in making and printing our magazines. 

 We also have a bunch of counseling staff who help in teaching the children to handle their emotions and anxiety. Besides, we have ardent educators who assist in tutoring the children and improve their SAT scores. We had always been grateful for those staff who do not possess any exceptional talent. They help us in monitoring our day to day functioning like supervising the stores, supplies, etc.