We introduce ourselves as a leading parenting community catering to the education needs of children. Before answering the question of why we need donations to let us throw light on some important services rendered by us. We provide scholarships to numerous deserving children in the bay area who do not have the financial resources to pay for education. We have a surpassing list of students who keep sending their thanks message for lighting up their future. By donating to us become a part of this great revolution. 

Besides, we provide free-of-cost workshops, educational field trips, and tutoring to numerous students. These students come from families who do not have enough capacity to provide all these. 

Most of those who read this do not have enough time to spare volunteering. However, there is another simple yet effective way to help us.

Please provide your generous contributions, which we can use for buying educational equipment, stationery, and computers for the children. We are thankful that most of our work is done by volunteers. Yet we need resources to make arrangements for transportation, food, and materials like educational kits. Every single penny donated for the cause makes a positive change in the future of one child.  

Education is an undeniable basic requirement, and it can result in improving the child’s living standards. Basic education helps these children to move to better jobs as they grow up and get better life from poverty. Any contribution looks significant for us as we can change the world of these children together.