Easy Ways to Entertain Your Children on Rainy Days

Being a parent can be an extremely difficult task. You have complete responsibility for a whole human and it is up to you to make sure that they are fed, watered and well entertained. Though we all love our children, we all get excited for the days when they are at school or out playing with their friends, just so that we can have some time to ourselves to relax. 


If you are a parent, it is likely that you are experiencing the fall break. If your child is old enough, it is likely that you usually just let them get on with playing with their friends or going to a kids club. However, this is one of the rainiest Octobers that we have ever seen, which means that your child has been stuck inside for the last few days.  


You may be tempted to just allow your child to sit in their room all day playing games, but this is not good for them at all and so should be avoided at all costs. If you are not sure how else to keep your child entertained, we have your back, here are easy ways to entertain your children on rainy days.  


Host a Movie Night  


There is nothing more exciting than a movie night with your family. If you look back to your childhood, it is likely that some of your favorite memories are times spent with your family watching films. Thanks to the magic of streaming sites, you have access to almost every film at the touch of your fingers.  


Forcing your family to decide on a film to watch can take hours, so we recommend that you pick three choices. Then have your family each vote on one of these films and stick with the choice that has been made, no discussion. It is likely that your family will enjoy it, no matter what film it is, so don’t waste too much time deliberating.  


To top off the evening, you could make some microwave popcorn and buy some candy for your family. Why not buy a pizza to really make it a night that your children will look back on and think fondly of.  


Get to Know Your Child  


Think about it, how much do you really know your child? You know the foods they like and hate, but do you know where they stand politically or morally? Children are incredibly clever and from a young age, they begin to form their own ideas of right and wrong. Getting to know their beliefs can really strengthen your relationship and it is a great way to pass some time during the rainy days.  


If you are not sure how you can approach the conversation, we recommend that you start off with some of your classic would you rather game questions, like would you rather have feet for thumbs or thumbs for feet? Once you have gotten past the funny questions, you can throw in some more serious questions and really get to know your kid.  


Having these conversations with your children will make them feel more comfortable speaking to you, which means that they may confide in you in the future, which is the kind of relationship that you want.  


Family Workout  


When you are experiencing a rainstorm, it can be tempting to want to spend all of your time sitting down. This is fine to a certain extent, but this is not a great way to stay fit. Thanks to the internet, there are plenty of online workout videos that you can access and do from the comfort of your own home.  


You should encourage your children to get involved in these workouts, as childhood obesity is an ongoing problem that needs to be focused on.  


If your child feels as though workout videos are a bit of a chore, we have an easy way that you can trick them into exercising, while also having fun. I am sure that you have heard of the game ‘Just Dance’. This has a collection of popular pop tunes, matched with their iconic dances. You can compete with your children and see who gets the best score while having a lot of fun. 


Parenting Guide: Avoiding Video Game Addiction

If you are someone that has a child, then you will be more than aware of just how much children love video games. No matter what age they are, if they see a video game of some sort, they will want to play with it. Children are always taken aback by the wonderful graphics and exciting gameplay that comes with playing video games and as parents, you are probably relieved that video games manage to keep your children preoccupied for a period of time, so you can get stuff done too. Video games are also not very costly and you can stumble across free games and even get rbx free for your child.

For the most part, allowing your children to play video games is very normal. Any way that you can find to entertain your child is great, but something that is becoming a big problem throughout the world is video game addiction.


Video Game Addiction

If you are someone that is from an older generation, then the idea of video game addiction may seem ridiculous. However, video game addiction is a big problem that is currently impacting a lot of the world.

It is important to remember that essentially anything can become addictive and even if you don’t feel as though you would get addicted to video games, there are plenty of people out there that have managed to get trapped in an infatuation with video games. To explain it scientifically , when someone plays a video game they often experience an increased release of dopamine and other pleasant chemicals. People who play video games also experience an increase in serotonin, which means that they feel a lot happier when they play.

This feeling of happiness when they play games is what is addictive and though you may not notice it at first, video game addiction can actually start to negatively affect your life much like any other addiction.  Video games can completely consume someone’s life and they may quickly find themselves doing nothing but gaming, which means that often very important parts of their lives are neglected.

The Early Warning Signs

If you are worried that your child may be becoming addicted to their video games, be sure to watch out for these early warning signs.

Skipping meals

One of the first and most worrying signs that your child may have a video game addiction is skipping meals. If your child avoids attending family meals in order to play their game, then this could be a big sign of addiction. Growing children need to be fed regularly and feel hunger more frequently than your standard adult and so if they are ignoring their basic needs, then you should intervene.

Tired Look

If your child is looking and acting more tired than usual, then this could be a good sign that they are staying u

p during the night to play video games and depriving their brain of the rest that it needs. If you notice that your child is a lot sleepier than they usually are, then you should talk to them and ask them why.


Much like with any addiction, if the addict is not able to access what they are addicted to, they may get irritable. This is especially the case when it comes to children, as they have less control of their emotions. If you notice that your child is becoming irritable when they are unable to play games, then this is a good indication that they may in fact have a gaming addiction.

Active Prevention Methods

If you start to notice early signs that your child may have a gaming addiction, there are ways that you can prevent it from becoming a full blown problem. First of all, do not allow your child to keep their console in their bedroom. This means that they will spend a lot of time in bed playing the game, which may make them become more dependent on it.

We recommend that you also set designated times when your child can play on their console and mix this between more active events, so that they are not spending all of their time indoors.