Easy Ways to Entertain Your Children on Rainy Days

Being a parent can be an extremely difficult task. You have complete responsibility for a whole human and it is up to you to make sure that they are fed, watered and well entertained. Though we all love our children, we all get excited for the days when they are at school or out playing with their friends, just so that we can have some time to ourselves to relax. 


If you are a parent, it is likely that you are experiencing the fall break. If your child is old enough, it is likely that you usually just let them get on with playing with their friends or going to a kids club. However, this is one of the rainiest Octobers that we have ever seen, which means that your child has been stuck inside for the last few days.  


You may be tempted to just allow your child to sit in their room all day playing games, but this is not good for them at all and so should be avoided at all costs. If you are not sure how else to keep your child entertained, we have your back, here are easy ways to entertain your children on rainy days.  


Host a Movie Night  


There is nothing more exciting than a movie night with your family. If you look back to your childhood, it is likely that some of your favorite memories are times spent with your family watching films. Thanks to the magic of streaming sites, you have access to almost every film at the touch of your fingers.  


Forcing your family to decide on a film to watch can take hours, so we recommend that you pick three choices. Then have your family each vote on one of these films and stick with the choice that has been made, no discussion. It is likely that your family will enjoy it, no matter what film it is, so don’t waste too much time deliberating.  


To top off the evening, you could make some microwave popcorn and buy some candy for your family. Why not buy a pizza to really make it a night that your children will look back on and think fondly of.  


Get to Know Your Child  


Think about it, how much do you really know your child? You know the foods they like and hate, but do you know where they stand politically or morally? Children are incredibly clever and from a young age, they begin to form their own ideas of right and wrong. Getting to know their beliefs can really strengthen your relationship and it is a great way to pass some time during the rainy days.  


If you are not sure how you can approach the conversation, we recommend that you start off with some of your classic would you rather game questions, like would you rather have feet for thumbs or thumbs for feet? Once you have gotten past the funny questions, you can throw in some more serious questions and really get to know your kid.  


Having these conversations with your children will make them feel more comfortable speaking to you, which means that they may confide in you in the future, which is the kind of relationship that you want.  


Family Workout  


When you are experiencing a rainstorm, it can be tempting to want to spend all of your time sitting down. This is fine to a certain extent, but this is not a great way to stay fit. Thanks to the internet, there are plenty of online workout videos that you can access and do from the comfort of your own home.  


You should encourage your children to get involved in these workouts, as childhood obesity is an ongoing problem that needs to be focused on.  


If your child feels as though workout videos are a bit of a chore, we have an easy way that you can trick them into exercising, while also having fun. I am sure that you have heard of the game ‘Just Dance’. This has a collection of popular pop tunes, matched with their iconic dances. You can compete with your children and see who gets the best score while having a lot of fun. 


Best Instruments For your Child to Start Learning

Everyone loves music. It is one of the oldest and most passionate forms of communication our species is capable of. It allows us to express complex emotions and feelings that we couldn’t otherwise express. It can mend communities and bring us together. It has been support for those struggling and often used as anthems for the oppressed.

And it is also a great way to bring families together and help educate our children. One of the best tips we offer new parents is to consider buying music lessons for their child. It is a valuable life skill, teaching them rhythm, reading comprehension, and dexterity. Alongside that, it is one of the best ways to nurture creativity within them. And, thanks to social media platforms and music production software, many children are putting their music online and making successful careers from it. Even if they need to buy spotify plays to get started, it can help set up their future career.

So today we are going to take a look at the best instruments to get your child learning. We have selected instruments that are easy enough to start learning but have the potential for serious complexity.


The piano is one of the most elegant and popular instruments in the world. Some of the most famous pieces of music ever produced were brought to life on the piano. A piano is a perfect starter instrument for a child to learn for a few reasons. Firstly it is a great tool for learning notes and understanding the musical basics such as scales. The layout of the keys presents a simple and ordered system for children to learn with.

It is also a great way to get a child used to the complex finger work required for playing instruments. On top of that, the piano is a very versatile instrument. With keyboards, a musician can branch into most genres of music, including a number of newer more techno-based genres.


The recorder is often an overlooked instrument. It is famously aimed at children and for good reason. The music produced by a recorder isn’t exactly the most melodic. But it is the perfect starter woodwind instrument. It helps your child learn the proper breathing techniques needed for playing while also teaching them proper finger work. On top of that, it helps them learn how to potentially stand and move while playing.


The guitar is one of the most popular instruments on the planet. Thanks mainly in part to the stunning look of classical rock stars. Nothing is more appealing than the idea of being on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans pulling off a sweet guitar solo.

On top of that, a guitar is a fantastic instrument to learn. While the finger work involved is a bit more complex and can be painful at first, a guitar offers a lot of creative freedom and can teach, not only creativity but showmanship and build confidence within your child. On top of that guitar players are staples of most bands, so there are always opportunities for a good guitarist.


If you don’t like a lot of noise in your house then you may want to avoid this one. Although, thanks to digital drums, you can negate that issue. Drums are a fantastic choice for a starter instrument. Drums are the ultimate rhythm tool teaching your child the basics of pace and momentum. Not to mention drums are the backbone of most bands meaning they have a lot of possibilities in terms of career choices.

The rhythm skills learned from drums can be transferred into many other fields as well. Dancing for one is a skill that will get a lot from being a drummer. And drumming is great exercise as well. Your child will have strong arms and hands after only a few years of drumming.


Bass guitars are very similar to a regular guitar but rather than carrying the leads of a song, they provide the support. But it is necessary to support. No band can function well without a good bass player. And on top of that learning bass teaches all the same skills as a guitar. Complex finger work. Rhythm. Stage presence and showmanship.


A trumpet is a fantastic instrument to start with. It teaches proper breathing in a way no other instruments can. It teaches proper finger work and the ability to play while standing as well. On top of that, there are a lot of similar instruments that your trumpet skills can be transferred over to. Saxophone. French Horn.

Not to mention brasswind instruments open up a lot of opportunities for performance. Marching bands constantly need new brasswind players. Jazz bands and fringe performance groups make use of trumpets and the like as well. And even some classical orchestras do as well.


This might be a surprising entry. But very technically a voice is an instrument. Singing is often considered a natural talent and while there is an element of talent to it, it requires work and lessons to be honed into something as powerful as the world’s best singers.

Singing lessons teach all the basics of music while also improving your child’s breathing and confidence. And singing can be learned alongside other instruments as well.