Month: September 2020

How To Make Your Child Understand the Importance of Dental Health

If you have a child you will be more than aware of how annoying it can be to try and get your child to practice good dental hygiene, or any hygiene at all really.  For some reason children seem adamant to stay as gross as possible, it is really difficult to understand why they enjoy drawing on themselves or jumping in mud, but that’s just kids. Kids are weird and they do weird things, but they are also very susceptible to learning. Because of this, from a young age, you should start to teach them positive behavior when it comes to their dental hygiene, but this can be easier said than done.


So how do you do it? How do you make a child understand the importance of dental health?


Shock Factor

If they are old enough, one of the best techniques of getting your children to look after their teeth is showing them the consequences of not doing so. All it takes is a quick google search and you will be able to find millions of pictures of people with bad teeth. All you need to do is sit your child down and show them these pictures and they are bound to be scared into taking steps to improve their dental hygiene.  You want to make sure the pictures that you choose to show your child are relatively gruesome as a bit of plaque is not going to make them brush their teeth more.


Take them to the Dentist

If your child is continuing to practice poor hygiene techniques then the best thing you can do for them is take them to a trained professional. This doesn’t mean going to the best dentist hk has to offer to get a full dental breakdown, as a quick trip to your local dental practice will receive the same results. If you call ahead of your appointment and ask your dentist to have a chat with your child they will be more than happy to do so.  Children seem to listen to professionals more than they do parents and your dentist will be able to throw in some dental jargon that will really scare them into making more positive steps.


Reward systems

There are plenty of reward systems that you can put in place that will encourage your child to practice better hygiene habits. One of the most popular reward systems that parents choose to use when trying to improve their children’s dental hygiene is a sticker chart. This basically works by allowing your child to add a sticker to the chart every time they brush their teeth twice a day. Once they have filled the chart with stickers, this can be cashed in for a gift of their choice. Having this reward system in place will really encourage your child to take better care of their teeth as they will associate positive rewards with doing so.



Take them to Government-Funded Presentations

The government really cares about ensuring children have good teeth as poor dental hygiene costs the health sector millions every single year. Because of this, they have set up plenty of presentations with organizations that travel to local communities and schools to teach children the importance of brushing their teeth. They do this in a fun yet informative way that really resonates with children and so if you are desperate, you can always take your child to see one of these presentations. Usually, they will also give away dental hygiene goody bags, which will only make your child more excited to clean their teeth.

How to Childproof Your Garden Ready for Summer

During the summer holidays, both you and your kids are undoubtedly going to be looking for a simple yet fun way to keep them occupied. In a lot of cases, the best place to pass the time is out in the garden, getting fresh air and sunshine. This does, however, raise the concern of how to keep the garden safe, so that you do not need to keep a constant eye on them. Here are a few simple measures that you can take to do this:


Designate an area to them


Having a separate area of your garden for your kids cordoned off by a barrier keeps your child safe, whether you let them roam free or simply put them in a baby bouncer. If it is a baby bouncer that you prefer, you can find great reviews for the best options available to purchase, as well as other parenting products at This option is also great as it means you also have your own space in the garden to plant flowers and keep tidy.


Remove any poisonous plants


This one is very important as there are a lot of common plants and flowers that may look pretty but pose a high risk to your children if ingested. Make sure to look up a list of plants and flowers that will do harm to your child when designing your garden.


Keep tools stored away


This one may seem obvious but is easily overlooked and is extremely dangerous, as a child might mistake your tools for a toy to play with. If you have any tools lying about it might be a good idea to invest in a tool shed or even just find somewhere safe inside to keep them, like inside the garage.