Why Structured Block Play Like Lego is Good for Your Kids

Encouraging your kid to play with structured blocks like Lego can have a positive affect on their brain development. There are two very separate ways of playing with Lego by following the instructions or by letting your creative juices flow and going free with their Lego building. This allows for two very separate ladders of development.

An example of a Lego build that will allow your child to follow the instructions can be found on https://stonefoot.de/spielzeug/bauen/lego which has hundreds of separate Lego sets. When your child follows the Lego instructions it will build their engineering skills. This is as they will learn the process of construction and begin to understand what makes a stable building. The construction of smaller Lego buildings will help your child understand larger buildings like bridges or skyscrapers as they get older. Your child’s skill in understanding will also improve when they choose to follow the Lego instructions. It could be said that as Lego improves their understanding of the world and complex ideas, it will help foster and give them a more mature outlook on the world.

Meanwhile, if you allow your child to let their creative juices flow and build at their own accord; they will develop a self-independent idea of construction. The idea of Lego is that nothing is impossible and that anything can be made. There is no correct or wrong answer in Lego, so your child will feel the freedom to truly explore their minds. This will have an extremely positive affect on your kids’ self-confidence. As they start to have more trust in their own abilities.

The idea that Lego can actually not only improve your kids engineering skills and maturity through instructions, but also their self-independence and self-confidence; then the purchase of Lego must be a no-brainer.