What is 826 valencia all about?

826valencia is a growing parenting community that holds educating the children as their primary mission. This is done in numerous ways, like tutoring and conducting workshops.Besides, children are taken to educative field trips, and they can have some fun too. The forum helps in training the children for their higher education also.

How does it make a change in the life of children?

The children we teach come from families that cannot afford education. Hence by providing them numerous opportunities free of cost, we are able to improve their future earning prospects.

How does one volunteer?

Most of our staff are volunteers who spend their time for us without taking salaries.People who have an interest in spending time with children by teaching them can enroll as volunteers. Knowing Special talents like drawing, music, etc. would be highly helpful for us. However, we always welcome any type of volunteering hours like supervising the children, making arrangements, etc.

What other ways in which one can help?

All of us may not have enough time to volunteer at 826valencia. For those who are eager to help in other ways, we welcome donations. One can simply open our website link and make donations by clicking pre-defined amounts.It is also possible to donate an amount that is different from the pre-defined ones. Donations can also be made for specific purposes. We gather the funds and provide computers and educational equipment to children. Besides, online learning resources can also be contributed.