When Should Your Teen Get His First Scooter

When deciding to purchase your son his first scooter, there are a number of things you should take into consideration as not all teens are the same. 

Does he show signs of responsibility? Owning your own transport is a huge undertaking, so before you invest a large sum of money into purchasing a scooter, you should consider how he treats his other belongings as that will likely reflect how he will treat the scooter.  Along with your teens’ responsibilities you should really consider whether or not he has incoming finance. Owning a scooter can be very expensive and when it comes to inevitable repairs in the future, you don’t want to be the one footing the bill. When it comes to initially buying the scooter you don’t want to spend lots of money, so it would be worth looking at sites where you can buy adult electric scooters in the UK for under £50. 

Though taking care of the actual scooter is something your teen should be focused on, he should be really aware of all the safety measures he should take in order to use the vehicle without worrying about having an accident. Every mode of transport comes with its own risks and you shouldn’t allow your teen to get on a scooter without being aware of the risks. You should also become aware of these risks too so that you can really gauge whether or not you’re ready for your teen to be on the roads. 

What is really important to consider is that there really is no set age for your teen to get a scooter. As long as you feel they are ready and they have all of the appropriate scooter knowledge to secure their safety, along with your trust, then they will be absolutely fine taking their vehicle on the roads.  

Fantastic Ways to Teach your Kids About Money

As sad as it may be, it’s true that nothing is really free. Considering everything seems more expensive than it’s ever been, there’s never been a better time to prepare your kids for the financial world. It doesn’t need to be overly complicated and it can even be made fun for your kids, but there are plenty of benefits in teaching your kids the value of money, even from a younger age. They’ll learn valuable skills like counting but they’ll also be able to appreciate you better when they understand that money can lead to limitations and everything isn’t handed to you just because you want it. It’s an important lesson and one you can get started on today. To help you along, here are some fantastic ways to teach your kids about money.



Most kids are given an allowance on a weekly or monthly basis depending on their age. The amount tends to depend parent to parent, but it’s important to keep an eye on how much you’re giving your child and how much they have left just before their next due payment. It will help you get a gauge on how they manage their money, but if they’re kids, it probably won’t be done very well. But, that’s where you come in.


To really show your kids the benefits of managing their money, it may be worth teaching them about saving. To help you out, there are plenty of resources online to help you teach your kids about managing their finances. With things like the Revolut Junior account designed specifically to help get your kids started in being in charge of their own savings. You should also teach them the importance of having some ‘rainy day’ savings that they shouldn’t touch unless there’s an emergency. There are plenty of advantages to saving and by telling your child if they save they can have that game they’ve been wanting, it’ll shift a gear in their brain and make everything a whole lot easier.


The first suggestion has been a staple of parenting since its invention. Chores are an integral part of most people’s childhoods. It teaches our kids valuable skills they’ll need later in life and gives us a hand around the house. If your child struggles with their chores, it may be worth trying to present them to your child as more of a job, by including a small financial incentive, it will make your child’s work seem more valued and it also means they aren’t just getting money for doing nothing, which can lead to some more negative attitudes.

Open a Mini Shop

With their hard-earned cash, you might take it one step further and open a small shop with the snacks in the house, pricing each item and letting your child have a particular budget for each day. Doing this means you’ll be able to teach your kids the value of money and how to budget their purchases. You’ll also be able to earn your pennies back along the way (considering how expensive it is to run a shop, it’ll be well earned).

3 Essential Tips for Home Office Design

Working from home can be a new and exciting prospect. But in order to maintain a good quality of work when working from home, you have to make sure that you’re in the correct environment. Here are some essential tips for a good home office design.

Light colors

If you’re going to be spending the majority of the day inside then you don’t want to be sitting in a dark and dingy room as this can be a real mood dampener and halt any of your productivity. Purchase furniture light in colour, like chairs and desks. If you look online you’ll be able to find various coupons for the autonomous.ai storeto find the best fitting furniture so that you don’t have to pay extremely high prices for it.

office, work, desk


Keep it formal

When you’re shopping for home office equipment you may be tempted by fun in office games or quirky decor. You need to keep your environment as close to your usual working environment as possible. Without the support of coworkers it can be easy to procrastinate and drift away from doing work. So the best thing that you can do is keep your office distraction free. This means no unnecessary entertainment like a television or desk games as you want to put as much attention into your work as possible.

Your desk

One thing that often occurs to people that work at home is unexpected weight gain. This happens because of inactivity and so you should do all that you can in order to combat this. One of the best ways to do this would be purchasing a standing desk. This means that you’re not spending all day Sat down getting unfit and is also motivation to get elements of your work done faster as you won’t be as inclined to sit back and procrastinate.

How to Help Your Kid Prepare for Becoming a Lawyer

New York City is the city that never sleeps. And a city as busy as New York is a bustling mega center for lawyers. A respected and lucrative profession, law is a brilliant field for any to pursue. So if your child is looking to move into the field of law in New York, here are a few ways you can help them best prepare for what will be a difficult, yet rewards career path.

Personal Tutor

This is the most effective thing you as a parent cant provide for your child studying law. A personal tutor will allow them to go that step further with their studies. It is proven that one on one face time with an education professional improves results. They will be able to take things at their own pace, tackle topics that they are struggling with and get a unique insight into the world of law from a pro. With so many options, and everyone clambering to get the best tutoring in New York, don’t delay on this one and invest in it ASAP.


Children need structure. It aids their development and keeps them focused. And law is all about structure. So making sure your household is running on an organised, productive and nurturing routine is vital. Perhaps you limit the time they can spend on entertainment devices until a certain amount of studying is done. Try and have dinner at the same time every day. If they have chores to do, make sure they do them consistently and usually at the same time. This will install a deep sense of routine and order within them that will benefit their studies and eventual practice of law greatly.

Is It Safe to Let Your Kids Climb Trees: We Find Out

Many of us know that one of the most exciting parts of childhood is being able to play outside. Playing games or just getting into general mischief, there was something truly beautiful about being able to enjoy the fresh air with your friends. Something many of us have experienced is the joy of climbing our first tree. There was something so freeing about feeling like Tarzan on his way up the tree. Most of us wear our tree-climbing abilities as a badge of honor, even into adulthood! In fact, I challenge most of you to discuss your childhood with someone without some story of a tree-related mishap creeping its way into the conversation.

But as we get older, we start to realize how dangerous it could have been to climb a tree and often how dangerous it was, with many tree-climbing stories seemingly ending with a trip to the ER. Now that we have our own kids it suddenly hasn’t become such a clean-cut issue. We know from experience how dangerous it can be, so is it safe enough for our own children?

Well, despite how clumsy we may have become as adults, kids, on the other hand, are naturally very good climbers. They sometimes lack the fear that we adults have developed through years of trial and error and sometimes don’t necessarily recognize the potential consequences of dangerous activities the way that we would. Whilst, for the most part, it can be a positive attribute as it allows them to be more confident in their climbing, it can also lead to a feeling of over-confidence, so it’s important to make sure to spot them until you feel they have gotten to grips with climbing.

Tree-climbing also has plenty of benefits for your child’s development. Whilst they are improving their balance, they are also developing their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Let’s not forget they are also getting a chance to become closer to nature. In a society so dependent on technology, it could be beneficial getting your child away from their screen and out into nature. They can discover plants and animals and become more connected with the world around them.

The American Heart Association recommends that children get a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity a day. Tree climbing is an excellent way for your child to get the exercise they need whilst still allowing them to have the fun they deserve to have.

So Yes or No?

In short, yes. Whilst there may be an element of danger, that’s part of the excitement. A massive part of having an enjoyable childhood is trying new things. We may have gotten hurt from time to time, but it only made us stronger – and as hard as it can be to accept it will be the same for your child!

If you’re still worried about whether or not it will be safe enough for your child to climb a tree, a tree cutting service can help make sure there aren’t any dangerous loose branches or any other tree-related hazards.

How to Give Your 8 Year Old Daughter the Best Birthday Party Ever

When it comes to planning the perfect day for your little girl, it can be difficult to think of activities that will keep a room full of children entertained. Every detail matters, from the decor to the music, here are a few tips on how to give your 8 Year old the best birthday ever.



Food is one of the most important parts of throwing a good party and when it comes to children’s parties, you have the opportunity to be creative. Match your food to the theme of the party, if it’s a princess party then put together some princess cakes to really excite the children. The possibilities are endless, but be careful of serving food with too much sugar as you might get some of the children crashing before the party is over.



Nothing will set the scene of a party better than some colorful decorations. Ask your child what theme they would like, this means you can cater to what your child enjoys and impress their guests. This won’t cost a fortune either as you can do a lot of this at home, like printing pictures of your child’s favorite characters to hang up.


Goody bag

Goody bags are what all children look forward to at the party and is a great way to thank people for coming. Fill them with fun and unique items like toys and sweets. A new trend in goody bags is personalized items that the kids can show off after the party. I recommend a fun little wrist band as children will love to wear them and there is a lot of customization potential. A good place to purchase this would be sites like SleekWristbands.com.



People underestimate the importance of a good party playlist. You need to remember to include the party classics like the cha cha slide that will get everyone moving, but you also need to cater to what the children like. Ask your child some of their favorite songs and check what is popular  in the charts and you really can’t go wrong. After all, you don’t want a room full of still children.


If you follow these tips you are sure to throw your 8 Year old the best party. However it is important to remember that not every child is the same and you should really ask them what they want their party to be like to get the best result.

How Bedroom Design Impacts Your Child’s Well-Being

Interior design is about more than just showing off your flair for design or who you are as a person. It is proven that the design, layout and color of your rooms can have a direct impact on your mood, wellbeing and mental health.

And at no time is this impact more crucial than during your child’s developmental years. Below are a few of the ways that the way you design your child’s bedroom can directly affect their well-being.


The human mind responds differently to different colors. It can do everything from heightening your senses to instilling a deep sense of calm. It is a proven tactic to utilize color to achieve moods in people around you. And this extends to interior design. If you are hoping to achieve a certain mood for a room, consider what color.

This extends to children even more. As they develop their minds are constantly intaking stimuli and letting it affect them. To that end, you want to look for some calmer, more encouraging colors. Baby blues, soft greens, light yellows. These colors tend to have very positive, calming effects on people, especially young minds. Avoid harsh, glaring colors such as blood reds, deep blacks and other aggressive colors.

If you want your bedroom painted there are many options available to you. DIY or get in a professional.


A cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind. And children are key culprits for leaving a trail of mess. Everything from toys to the unseemly messes, they can be a pain to deal with.

But beyond that, the layout of furniture has a direct impact on their mind as well. A room that is stuffed to the brim with furniture, without space to move, will cause a lot of tension in a person and distract them. This will amplify in children. Children love space, space to play in and space to grow. So making sure any rooms in your house are economically spaced with directly improve their mood and allow them a lot of room to play in.

Clutter is another factor that needs to be dealt with. Mess, beyond being unsanitary, will cloud their mind and instil bad habits within them. Children copy the behavior they see as they grow, so keeping a tidy home will instil good habits in them from a young age.


Decoration is important. What you decorate with shows who you are as a person and what you are all about. And it directly affects the mood of those who see it, especially your children.

Children love to examine the world around them, so your decorations should be something stimulating and nice for them to look at. Nice art pieces, personal photographs, themed wallpapers and novelty statues are all great examples. Things to avoid could be scary posters, disturbing statues or anything that might unnerve of make them afraid.

It is also a great idea to decorate around your child. Take the things they are interested in and find things to match that. Cowboys, Dinosaurs, Aliens. Give them something to be excited about.

Why Structured Block Play Like Lego is Good for Your Kids

Encouraging your kid to play with structured blocks like Lego can have a positive affect on their brain development. There are two very separate ways of playing with Lego by following the instructions or by letting your creative juices flow and going free with their Lego building. This allows for two very separate ladders of development.

An example of a Lego build that will allow your child to follow the instructions can be found on https://stonefoot.de/spielzeug/bauen/lego which has hundreds of separate Lego sets. When your child follows the Lego instructions it will build their engineering skills. This is as they will learn the process of construction and begin to understand what makes a stable building. The construction of smaller Lego buildings will help your child understand larger buildings like bridges or skyscrapers as they get older. Your child’s skill in understanding will also improve when they choose to follow the Lego instructions. It could be said that as Lego improves their understanding of the world and complex ideas, it will help foster and give them a more mature outlook on the world.

Meanwhile, if you allow your child to let their creative juices flow and build at their own accord; they will develop a self-independent idea of construction. The idea of Lego is that nothing is impossible and that anything can be made. There is no correct or wrong answer in Lego, so your child will feel the freedom to truly explore their minds. This will have an extremely positive affect on your kids’ self-confidence. As they start to have more trust in their own abilities.

The idea that Lego can actually not only improve your kids engineering skills and maturity through instructions, but also their self-independence and self-confidence; then the purchase of Lego must be a no-brainer.

Fitness Activities for Kids – Give Your Children a Headstart Early in Life

With the issue of childhood obesity becoming a rising issue around the world, you should really encourage healthy behavior in your children at a young age. This can be tricky to do, but here are a few fitness activities that would be fun for your children to try.



Football is a fun game for every gender. Due to the competitive nature, the excitement of the game will make your child feel like they’re not doing sports at all. It’s also a great opportunity for your child to make friends. Being part of a sports team could also help your child academically in the future as universities often look for those kinds of extracurricular activities.



I’m sure a lot of us at our ripe old age wish that we had the flexibility that we had as a child. Gymnastics is a fantastic fitness activity as it is something that will proceed to increase your quality of life as your child gets older. You could send your child to professional classes or even teach them some simple moves yourself.  If you want to do that you can learn a lot about gymnastics at fit2bmom, as well as plenty of other activities.



What child doesn’t love splashing around in a pool? Children could spend hours swimming around  non stop if they had the opportunity, so let them. Swimming is a fantastic way to stay fit and once again doesn’t feel like a chore like other activities such as running. Swimming is also a very low cost activity, many local pools offer sessions for as low as £2 for a number of hours. You can even put your child into classes that are usually free for children under a certain age.


These are just a few examples, but it really depends on what your child is interested in.

6 Awesome Interactive Games to Play With Your Kids

Aside from entertainment including technology like watching TV or playing video games, it can be difficult to think of interactive games to engage your children. Interactive games can be brilliant for improving your child’s cognitive thinking and physical ability as you can play games that exercise their brains and their bodies.


1-  Scavenger Hunts

There is nothing that children love more than the excitement of a scavenger hunt. This is a good way to get the kids moving for a couple of hours and brings out a healthy competitive side of them. It would also be a good way to treat your children for helping out around the house or doing well at school as you could make the final scavenged item a big prize. One element of scavenger hunts that would be engaging for your child would be adding a riddle element to your hunt. This would really exercise your child’s mind as they would have to be quick on their feet and think of answers quickly in order to find the items.  A scavenger hunt would also be a great bonding exercise for your children as you can put them into teams in order to solve the hunt, perhaps even inviting some of their friends over.


2- Memory Games –

Memory games are always engaging for children as it once again brings out their competitive sides. There are many forms of memory games, from matching cards to removing objects from a set. Either way, it’s a sure fire way to gain the attention of your children.  Developing your child’s memory at a young age will be very beneficial to their education in the future, as it will help them with exams when they are older.  This is something that schools do with continuous testing, this will be a funner for your child and it will be a refreshing break from the hard work they do in school. Once again, if you do Memory games in teams, you could help to solidify their relationships with friends and improve their team working abilities.


3- Games that challenge your child’s ideals.

This would have the same kind of vibe as Would you rather? Which is a fun game for people of all ages. Obviously you wouldn’t give your children the same questions that you give your friends, but it can still be a very fun exercise. Once again this is the kind of game that gets your child thinking. It also gives them a chance to question their morality, which most games for children do not do. This is a really good way to develop your children’s personality and teach them about what is wrong and right. Would you rather is also a fantastic way to get to know your children, you’ll find out what scares them or even what makes them laugh, which will really solidify your bond.


4- Pictionary

Pictionary is a great creative outlet for children while also being a fun family game to spend an evening doing. This will not only test your child’s artistic abilities, but it will encourage them to work under time constraints – something that they will really benefit from in the future. Once again, to play this game you will need to work in teams, which will improve your child’s ability to work with other people.


5- Hide and Seek

Every child loves hide and seek. It comes with the excitement of having to catch/ run from friends.  Your child has to also think tactically when playing this game and will encourage cognitive development. It’s also just a very enjoyable game which lots of children will be interested in taking part of as it really doesn’t require too much work and costs absolutely nothing to do. You can also make it interesting by making it a game of sardines which means your children will have to work together to stay hidden.

6-  Simon says

Simon says is also a very popular game among children and will improve their ability to  listen to instructions. Once again, this will be good practice for when they’re in school, where they will often have to listen to instructions. It again brings out some healthy competition among your children and can be made funny through the use of some silly movements. It is also completely free and you can do it wherever you want.